Step by step user guide for STUX GNU/Linux (index)


  1. Users and passwords

      To edit users and passwords:
      STUX CONTROL CENTER -> Setup -> Users and passwords
      The standard KDE users management tool KUSER will open:

      In STUX Live, you can manage users and password as in normal linux systems.
      When you need to add a user, edit a user, change or set passwords, you will see a window like this:

      Be sure:

      • to have setted a 'Login shell' for user.

          By default 'Login shell' is setted to <Empty>: change this, or user will exerience problems, for example, cannot login with FTP. /bin/bash is a good value for 'Login shell'.

      • that account is enabled.

          By default, the checkbox 'Account disabled' is checked: be sure to uncheck this checkbox in order to let the user login.

      • Is recomended to set 'Home folder' as a directory on a persistent device (example: /mnt/hda2/users), typically an hard disk: to do this you have to change 'Home folder' from '/home/username' to '/mnt/hda2/users/username'.

      NOTE: Users and passwords will be restored on reboot only if configuration is saved persistently.

  2. Web applications

  3. Create boot floppy to boot STUX from network (PXE)

      If you want boot STUX from network but your client BIOS does not support network booting, you can create a boot floppy that mount and load STUX from network.

    1. Enter the proper application:
      STUX CONTROL CENTER -> SETUP -> Create boot floppy
    2. Select tab labeled 'For PXE (boot from network)'

      you will see a window like this:

    3. Choose the ethernet driver required by PXE client machine.
      Boot floopy must contain the appropriate driver for the client network card.

    4. Click the button labeled 'Create'

      WARNING: all data on floppy disks will be lost !

  4. JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

      JRE must be installed as a separate package.
      If you have no persistent devices available, you can download and run JRE from RAM.
      Once installed package, JRE will become immediately available.

  5. Firefox plugins
  6. List of installed packages

  7. CD/DVD burning

      To start mastering a CD or a DVD click on the K3B icon on the left of STUX CONTROL CENTER: this will open K3B application.

      You can easily burn CD or DVD but you need to check following conditions:

      • Temp directory

        In STUX Live CD, by default, K3B temp directory is located in RAM, that probably is not large enough.

        You can check if Temp directory is valid looking in the bottom-right of K3B main window:

          - if there is a red folder icon, you need to change it.

          - if icon is green, temp directory is ok.

        To change K3B Temp directory, click on the icon on the bottom-right of K3B main window.

      • Swap space

        Even if you have lot of RAM installed, a large-enough swap space greatly helps, expecially for CD/DVD mastering, large iso file creation, etc.
        Set up Virtual Memory (Swap)

  8. Video codecs

    STUX supports the most commonly used video formats.
    Additional video codecs are separately downloadable as a package.

  9. BitTorrent (support STUX donating bandwidth)

    One of hardest work in maintaining a Live Cd is deliver huge Live CD files to users (.iso file and packages).

    If you have a broadband connection, you can easily support STUX, starting from now, donating your unused bandwidth to share STUX files you downloaded, using BitTorrent protocol.

    To start sharing STUX files:

    1. Open Firefox web browser and point it to STUX download page

      If you are using Firefox and STUX:

      • Click on a .torrent link: you'll see a window like this:

        Explanation of objects in pictures:

        • 'Torrent:' textarea

          In the 'Torrent:' textarea you can insert a local .torrent file, a .torrent file on a web server (must start with http://) or on an FTP server (must start with ftp://).

          If you reached the window in picture clicking on a .torrent link from Firefox, the 'Torrent:' textarea will be compiled by Firefox.

        • 'Save in:' textarea

          Insert here the directory where you want files to be downloaded.

          If you already have downloaded part (or all) of a file, insert here the directory where file is saved: this will resume download and start sharing file with other users.

        • 'Listen from port X to port Y' textareas:

          Change these values to fix firewall problems.

        • 'Max bandwidth:':

          You can limit bandwidth usage checking the checkbox labeled 'Max bandwidth': move the slider to set the limit.

        • 'Restart at boot' checkbox

          If you want transfers to be resumed when PC starts, check this option.

          Configuration must be persistently saved in order to restore transfers at startup.

          NOTE: trasfers to be resumed on boot are listed in file
        • Click on button labeled 'Save' to start downloading.
          A window like this will appear:

          This window reports about current transfer.
          To reconfigure the transfer (ports, bandwidth limit, start at boot, ..) click the button labeled 'Reconfigure'.

      If you are not using STUX:

        You can support STUX downloads by sharing .torrent files with your favorite torrent application.

      NOTE: if you already have downloaded one ore more files to share (if you are running STUX now you probably already have at least one STUX iso file) you don't need to download them again: just indicate the location for the file in 'Save to:' textarea to start sharing files with other users whitout previously downloading files.

    To start BitTorrent GUI out of Firefox:
    STUX CONTROL CENTER -> Network -> P2P file sharing -> BitTorrent

    NOTE: Resuming files with FireFox: Firefox saves .torrent files in /tmp. To resume a torrent file with Firefox, remove all copies of the .torrent file in /tmp/ first.

    There is a public forum about this argument

  10. Intel QX-3 Microscope

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  11. iConcepts USB KeyPad

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  12. Contact

    STUX is a project maintained by:
    GP STUDIO Internet Services (
    Via Cavaleri 4/A
    Milan, Italy
    Giacomo Picconi <giacomo.picconi @>