Step by step user guide for STUX GNU/Linux

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STUX at startup.
In the middle of screen is the STUX Control Center
STUX at startup, with panels.
Panels are activated by mouse moves on screen side.
  1. Start up !

    1. System requirements
    2. Download STUX iso file
    3. Master STUX iso file on a CD/DVD R/RW
    4. Create boot floppies
    5. Boot STUX from Live CD

  2. First steps with STUX

    1. First time
    2. STUX Live CD Control Center
    3. Hard disk/USB/CD/DVD auto detection and mount
    4. Browse files and directories
    5. Save configuration persistently on IDE or USB devices.
    6. Save configuration persistently on floppy disk.
    7. STUX Storage Devices Manager: mount and unmount devices
    8. Change desktop manager
    9. Regional settings

  3. Multimedia

    1. Infrared Remote Control
    2. STUX Media Center

  4. Enhance performances

    1. Set up Virtual Memory (Swap)
    2. Activate DMA on IDE devices

  5. Stux packages

    1. Download, install and run software packages from Live CD environment.
    2. For advanced users:

  6. Install STUX

    1. Install STUX on Hard Disk (updated with an important note on 12 jan 2006)
    2. Install STUX on a USB key
    3. Install STUX compressed image on IDE or USB devices

  7. Networking - the Network Panel

    1. Assign an Host Name
    2. Set up connections

      1. Dial Up modem
      2. Ethernet
      3. ADSL (pppoe modem)
      4. Wireless

    3. Specify Domain Name Servers (DNS)
    4. Specify a default route and a default gateway
    5. Apply IP Masquerading ( use STUX as a NAT gateway for your LAN )
    6. Domain name registration for dynamic IP addresses ( DynDns™ client )

  8. Network services

    1. STUX Service Manager

      1. MySQL
      2. Apache Web server

      3. ProFTP FTP server

      4. PXE Boot server
      5. Samba
      6. SSH
      7. Syslog
      8. Ample (MP3 lender)

  9. Appendix

    1. Users and passwords
    2. Web applications
    3. Create boot floppy to boot STUX from network (PXE)
    4. JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
    5. Firefox plugins
    6. CD/DVD burning
    7. Video codecs
    8. BitTorrent (support STUX donating bandwidth)
    9. Intel QX-3 Microscope (NEW!)
    10. iConcepts USB KeyPad (NEW!)
    11. List of installed packages
    12. Contact

  10. STUX REMASTERING (added on 20 dec 2005)

    1. Liso 0.8.1


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