Step by step user guide for STUX GNU/Linux (index)


  1. Web applications

  2. Create boot floppy to boot STUX from network (PXE)

      If you want boot STUX from network but your client BIOS does not support network booting, you can create a boot floppy that mount and load STUX from network.

    1. Enter the proper application:
      STUX CONTROL CENTER -> Setup -> Live CD -> Boot removable devices
    2. Select tab labeled 'PXE'

      you will see a window like this:

    3. Choose the ethernet driver required by PXE client machine.
      Boot floopy must contain the appropriate driver for the client network card.

    4. Click the button labeled 'Create'

      WARNING: all data on floppy disks will be lost !

  3. List of installed packages

  4. CD/DVD burning

      To start mastering a CD or a DVD:
      STUX Control Center -> Utility -> CD & DVD recording - K3B
      this will open K3B application:

      You can easily burn CD or DVD but you need to check following conditions:

      • Temp directory

        In STUX Live CD, by default, K3B temp directory is located in RAM, that probably is not large enough.

        You can check if Temp directory is valid looking in the bottom-right of K3B main window:

          - if there is a red folder icon, you need to change it.

          - if icon is green, temp directory is ok.

        To change K3B Temp directory, click on the icon on the bottom-right of K3B main window.

      • Swap space

        Even if you have lot of RAM installed, a large-enough swap space greatly helps, expecially for CD/DVD mastering, large iso file creation, etc.
        Set up Virtual Memory (Swap)

  5. Compile modules in STUX

      With DVD version you can compile new module sources normally, because all kernel sources are present and configured.

      When using CDROM version, before compile a new module source, you have to integrate the linux sources in /usr/src/linux with at least directories /usr/src/linux/Kbuild and /usr/src/linux/scripts provided by standard kernel source package (STUX 2.0 uses the kernel:; for example, to install kernel sources on hda1 partition open a shell console and execute:
      cd /mnt/hda1    # change to a directory on ext2 or ext3 partitions (no ntfs, no fat).
      sudo wget
      sudo tar -xvzf linux-
      sudo ln -sf /mnt/hda1/linux-* /usr/src/linux

  6. ACPI: video is dark, brightness is low

    Could happen with some laptop with ACPI enabled by BIOS that monitor is dark and brightness is lower than normal: this setting could be persistent even if computer is rebooted.
    To increase brightness:
    echo 7 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness

  7. Contact

    STUX is a project maintained by:
    GP STUDIO Internet Services (
    Via Cavaleri 4/A
    Milan, Italy
    Giacomo Picconi <giacomo.picconi @>