Step by step user guide for STUX GNU/Linux (index)


    STUX is designed to provide full multimedia support.

    There is lot of multimedia software installed: VLC, xine, xmms, juk, noatun, kaboodle, muse, tvtime, xawtv, scantv, AM/FM radio program GQradio, CD rippers, graphic programs, encoders and codecs, teletext program AleVT, .....

    You can play:


  • STUX Media Center

      STUX MediaCenter is an utility that aggregates the most common multimedia functions available on STUX Live CD.

      It is extremely easy to use, but is a young program under development: there are lot of functions that could be more sophisticated, and they'll probably be so, in future.

      To start STUX MediaCenter:
      STUX CONTROL CENTER -> Multimedia
      A window like this will appear:

      You can you use an infrared remote to control STUX MediaCenter, using the following keys:

      DirectionRemote control keyPC keyboard
      UPChannel UPArrow key UP
      DOWNChannel DOWNArrow key DOWN
      LEFTVolume downArrow key LEFT
      RIGHTVolume upArrow key RIGHT

      NOTE: The use of infrared remote control with STUX MediaCenter is one of the functions that could be optimized in future: if you feel uncomfortable using remote control, use the cursor keys on PC keyboard.

      STUX MediaCenter performs the following operations:

      1. Organize multimedia files (audio, video, pictures) in playlists.

        Press Right Arrow Key on PC keyboard (or Volume UP on Remote Control) to play selected file.

      2. Scan directories or disks for multimedia files and build playlists

      3. Watch DVD movies

      4. Listen audio CD ( in various format )

      5. Listen Internet Radio

          There are some radio stations memorized by default in STUX Live CD, ready to listen. You can find more and more radio stations on web sites like or : just click on a station to start listen.