9 Sep 2008 STUX GNU/Linux 2.0 released.

19 Jul 2007 Linux Magazine

18 Jun 2007 STUX Nightly Builds and HTTP mirrors

5 Jun 2007 STUX GNU/Linux 2007 (version 1.0) released.

12 November 2006 HTTP mirror on updated.

Thanks to Alan Bruce for indispensable cooperation.

10 November 2006 STUX GNU/Linux 0.9.2 released.

Main changes: After more than 3 years, during january 2007 will be released STUX 2007, the first release out of the developing stage. This means that STUX is now considered stable and enough easy-to-use to be used by everyone, also by absolute beginners. STUX 2007 will fix problems that will come out until 31 december 2006, so please report problems or suggestions on the forum at

25 June 2006 HTTP mirror updated.
Thanks to Alan Bruce for the great job, now delivers also STUX 0.9.1 iso file.

22 June 2006 STUX GNU/Linux 0.9.1 released.

Stux 0.9.1 fixes some problems found in Stux 0.9:
18 June 2006 HTTP mirror updated.
Thanks to Alan Bruce, now delivers also STUX 0.9 iso file.

17 June 2006 STUX GNU/Linux 0.9 released.

Main changes:

21 dec 2005 Liso 0.8.1 released.
Liso is the set of programs and data used to build STUX 0.8.1 Live CD iso file.
Includes: liso scripts, kernel, kernel modules, stux configuration files, applications compiled for Stux usage.
Download Liso 0.8.1 in the download section.
More informations about Liso are in the included README.txt file.

15 dec 2005
7 oct 2005
2 oct 2005 STUX 0.8 released.
After lot of time (and work), STUX 0.8 is finally released.

Changes: 7 mar 2005 Found a Japanese STUX 0.7 customization here. Untested !

11 nov 2004 Stux packages download re-activated.

12 jul 2004 LISO 0.7 (STUX Linux ISO Builder) released.
LISO 0.7 is the program used to build STUX 0.7.
Download STUX 0.7 in the download section.
LISO 0.7 is released under GPL license.
More informations about LISO are in the included README file.

28 jun 2004 Stux Linux has been published on Linux Magazine N.42 June 2004
Buy Linux Magazine N.42 here

09 jun 2004 BitTorrent downloads are available here.
Stux installable packages are no more downloadable until a new download server will be available, so if you can host Stux files, please write a mail

07 jun 2004 Stux download web site is no more available. Thanks to Stefano for hosting Stux ISO files until today.

16 apr 2004 STUX 0.7 released.
Changes: Check RELEASE NOTES before run STUX 0.7.

Stux is currently listed in the Home page of DistroWatch.
Download server is currently overloaded and new mirror sites are kindly required.

10 feb 2004 new Stux Packages available:

8 feb 2004 new Stux Package available:

7 feb 2004 new Stux Package available:

6 feb 2004 new Stux Packages available:

5 feb 2004 new Stux Packages available:

4 feb 2004 version 0.6.4 released:
Changes: 4 feb 2004 Syntax error in script 'hd-install' (/home/gp/.sbin/hd-install) in Stux 0.6.3:
hd-install is the script used to install Stux on hard disk.
Download corrected script: and run it as root: example:
sudo ./hd-install
If you have saved configuration, copy new hd-install to /home/gp/.sbin/hd-install (overwriting the old one) to fix the problem definitively.

To fix the problem manually, remove the double-quote char (") at the end of line 311.

3 feb 2004 new Stux Packages available: Project home page:

2 feb 2004: version 0.6.3 released.
Changes: 24 jan 2004: New mirror download site.
A new download site ( has been kindly offered from Nicola and Loris of Altinum Linux Project (

22 jan 2004: version 0.6.2 released
18 jan 2004: Stux is listed in the Home page of DistroWatch.
Download server is currently overloaded and new mirror sites are kindly required.

17 jan 2004: version 0.6.1 released
Version 0.6.1 corrects a very little bug in version 0.6:
In version 0.6 the link /etc/rc.d/rc.0 was missing: /etc/rc.d/rc.0 (shut down script) is a link to /etc/rc.d/rc.6 (restart script): the effect was that when you turn-off stux the error '/etc/rc.d/rc.0 no such file or directory' was thrown.
In version 0.6.1 the 'S Menu' on KDE kicker has been removed: you can always access it at
K Menu -> STUX
17 jan 2004: version 0.6 released
16 dec 2003: version 0.5.3 released
9 dec 2003: version 0.5.2 released
4 dec 2003: version 0.5.1 released
26 nov 2003: STUX 0.5 released
22 nov 2003: DINO-STUX 0.5 released
DINO-STUX is a small version of STUX 0.5.

14 nov 2003: STUX 0.4.1 released
12 nov 2003: STUX 0.4 released
1 nov 2003: STUX 0.3.1 released
27 oct 2003: STUX 0.3 BitTorrent Downloads are ready

26 oct 2003: Stux 0.3 released
17 oct 2003: A new mirror for Stux downloads has been setted up. Thanks to Stefano.

14 oct 2003: STUX 0.2 BitTorrent Downloads available at John web site ! Thanks to Patrick, John, and all the mailing list people

13 oct 2003: Bug #1: Stux 0.2 doesn't start on pc with no floppy drive installed. See bug #1

10 oct 2003 until today: Stux downloads require more bandwidth than currently allocated (60 GB / month).
Until new FTP mirrors will be found, Stux Downloads could be slow or temporarily unavailable

10 oct 2003: Roberto's ISP says that Stux downloads is using too many bandwidth and the FTP mirror has been closed

3 oct 2003: Stux 0.2 has been released
1 oct 2003: A new FTP server as been setted up for mirror Stux downloads, thanks to Roberto

30 sep 2003: Stux downloads has exausted the available monthly bandwidth usage. FTP mirrors are required

29 sep 2003: Stux site is up and running

24-28 sep 2003: Stux site has been down

1 sep 2003: Stux 0.1 has been released