Step by step user guide for STUX GNU/Linux (index)


    You can search, download, install, upgrade or remove Slackware™ packackes in various ways.

    If you like command line, pkgtools are available (installpkg, upgradepkg, removepkg, ...), but you have to search and download packages manually first, and then you have to resolve dependencies also manually.

    If you like graphical interfaces, or you are not familiar in resolving dependencies, start QTswaret:
    STUX CONTROL CENTER -> Setup -> Packages (QTSwaret)
    A window like this will appear:

    QTswaret let you search, download and manage packages, and also tries to resolve dependencies automatically. STUX has pre-configured the packages repository (Italian Slackware Community), so you only need to search what you need, click button 'Install' and wait (don't worry for buggy progress-bar: it indicates the 99% completion for the 99% of the installation time ); wait until selected package is installed and then click the 'Logs' tab to see what's happened.

    Good sources for Slackware™ packages are: (web) and (repository).


    Command line:

    Packages in Live CD environment:

    About hard disk installation:

    Popular applications helper scripts: